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Cécile Sarah Hartog, “Gavotte” – Title Page

h.1484.b (35), title page

From St. James’s Gazette (3 December 1894):

An extraordinary accident occurred to Miss Cecile Hartog, the well-known musician, on Saturday night, at the Royalty Theatre [London], where a play entitled “Beethoven’s Romance” was being performed. At the end of the play Miss Hartog, who was conducting the orchestra, handed some bouquets of flowers on to the stage. In doing so the lace attached to her sleeve at the wrist caught light from one of the lamps on her music desk. A lady who was playing in the orchestra immediately seized an opera cloak, which she wrapped round Miss Hartog, and succeeded in extinguishing the fire. Miss Hartog had a muslin dress on, and had her companion been a moment later she would in all probability have been burnt to death. As it was she was severely hurt.