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July 3, 2016

Anaconda Copper Mining Co., Great Falls, Montana

by mlmitche

BigStack copy

“This Chimney is 506 feet in height. 16,000 tons of brick were used in its construction. The chimney is constructed engineeringly to stand a wind of 120 miles an hour. The stack weighs 34,000,000 lbs. / The Washington Monument which is 50 feet square at the bottom and 20 feet square at the top, could be set inside this chimney without touching any wall, and there would still be room between the walls of the chimney and the monument to drive a span of horses from top to bottom. / If railroad tracks, of standard gauge, were laid vertically on the inside of the stack about 14 feet centers, there would be room for 14 railroad trains 500 feet long.”

Postcard from the Collection of the Blogger

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