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July 18, 2015

Reet Pukk, “Autumn at the Mountains” (Detail)

by mlmitche


Biographical notes on Reet Pukk published in New York State newspapers in connection with exhibitions of her work in the 1960s–

Schenectady Gazette: “Mrs. Pukk, who lives in Craryville, Columbia county, started ‘painting’ with colored wool more than 30 years ago in her native Estonia. She studied in Berlin under Edda Wiese-Knopf…When the Russians overran Estonia in 1940, Mrs. Pukk escaped to Germany, but throughout the war years was unable to pursue her art for lack of materials. In 1951 she emigrated to this country and took it up again, adding abstract collages and wall hangings to her ‘classical’ works.”

The Chatham Courier: “Mrs. Reet Pukk studied the art of ‘New Needlepainting’ in the year 1930 in Berlin, Germany. Mrs. Pukk then worked independently and created about 60 pictures of her own. It was her goal to have a private exhibition of all her pictures in her native country, Estonia. The exhibition was never held. The second World War broke out. The communists occupied Estonia, and Mrs. Pukk, like so many others, had to seek refuge far from her homeland. Along with her country and her home she also lost all her pictures.”

Needlepainting from the Collection of the Blogger

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