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April 21, 2015

The Festival of the States – Pageant of 1933

by mlmitche

Pageantof1933 copy1

Synopsis of Act II:

This act begins with a series of beautiful dances and specialties, with music and song. The second part of this act opens with the triumphant entry of Uncle Sam, escorting Columbia and the 48 queens of the 48 states, and the queens of the District of Columbia and Canada. Uncle Sam then builds up the Union of States in a huge jigsaw map 54 feet long by 32 feet deep. The map is then given a living frame and the act closes with “The Dance of the Golden Grasses,” a panegyric addressed to a magnificent sunrise.

Synopsis of Act III:

This scene opens in Moscow, Russia. It is the year 1812. Napoleon has invaded Russia. A festival is in full swing in the old city, with dancing and song and merriment. Into this gay scene, heralded by strains of the Marseillaise, comes the French cavalry and Napoleon. The festival becomes a rout, and the city is burned to the ground, the act closing with this conflagration.

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