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November 23, 2014

Flexalum Twi-Nighter Venetian Blinds

by mlmitche

Flexalum4 copy

“Create a sophisticated mood. Turn annoying sun rays into flattering diffused light that enhances your interior with Flexalum Twi-Nighter venetian blinds. New Texture Tones.”

Flexalum1 copy

“Fashion leaders everywhere use Flexalum Twi-Nighter venetian blinds to complement their interiors. Stylish and functional, they make the perfect backdrop for all the newest window treatments.”

Flexalum3 copy

“‘I use Flexalum Twi-Nighter venetian blinds in my finest homes. For soft indirect light that flatters any interior. In fashion’s new Texture Tones.’ Melanie Kahane Interior Decorator & Stylist”

Flexalum2 copy

“A flattering finish to any interior–the harmony of soft diffused light and color from Flexalum Twi-Nighter venetian blinds–the finishing touch to your decorating scheme.”

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